Hello and welcome to Make a Mark jewellery!
I hope you enjoy exploring our collection of Handcrafted Sterling silver jewellery etched with mark making and copper textures. Each individual piece is designed and created in our studio in Leicester, England.
Make a Mark Jewellery was born from a love of mark making, traditional jewellery making and etching techniques. Jodie Hatcher started Make a Mark Jewellery after years of making jewellery for friends and family alongside part-time teaching and pursuing her sculptural metalwork practice.
Jodie’s love of jewellery started with rings! Beginning with her large collection of costume jewellery as a teenager to it being the first thing she made when starting her Design Craft degree at De Montfort University. Now as a part-time technical Instructor it is the first item she gets her students to make in the hope it will inspire the next generation of jewellers. She strives to teach people about the making process of all her pieces so each customer can follow the journey of how their piece is made, so that they can then pass their knowledge of jewellery making in order to keep the skills at the forefront. 
Make a Mark Jewellery work to commission and are very happy to make personalised designs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!